Farewell Halfpipe, I’ll Always Love You.

Riding my favorite pipe at Park City!

Last February, when I went to help my dad while he was in the hospital I told him I was going to announce my retirement from halfpipe skiing at the Park City Grand Prix. I could tell that he was relieved. I have to imagine it’s been stressful being my parent for the majority of my life, as a lot of the things I love […]



Dear Failure, Thank You.

Dear Failure, Thank you. Thank you, failure, for giving me the opportunity to truly find my potential. Thank you for exposing me to my most vulnerable side, so that I could make it stronger.  Thank you for breaking me down so I could build myself up. Thanks for providing that different angle of light which makes ordinary things seem special and more beautiful, like the […]


Strike A Balance

photo (22)

Life is all about balance.  In the sport of halfpipe skiing, quite literally, balance is the key to success. Finding center on my skis not only makes what I intend to do possible, it allows me to carry my speed and momentum through crushing G-forces allowing me to explode out of the top of the halfpipe with efficiency, going as big as possible.  Balance is […]


Dare To Lead


Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking at the Dare 2 Lead Conference at Murray High School in Salt Lake City.  Dare 2 Lead is a state-wide leadership conference serving Utah’s High School students aimed toward empowering students to become a force for good in their schools and in the world. Each High School nominated 2 students to attend the conference. Below is my speech minus the part […]