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The approach to North Vancouver on the SeaBus.

I sit at the end of a row of cold plastic seats, high backs, thin metal arms, keeping me upright as I await the SeaBus to take me across the Harbour. The sky is grey and overcast, frigid moisture hangs in the air like a weight trying to suppress one’s will.  But such heaviness cannot dampen me.  I have found an ease and flow in life lately that seems to allow me to move freely from one moment, one opportunity, to the next- a current that carries me up around the bend.  A few months ago when I tore my ACL, […]



My Road to Sochi

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  Over the last two years following an injury to my right knee I have been patient, strategic and optimistic as I continued to pursue my dream of making the inaugural U.S Olympic Team for halfpipe skiing.  In 2011 I got to see an 8 year long dream of mine come to fruition: our sport was accepted into the Olympics and would make its debut in 2014.  I remember being so excited, not having a doubt in my mind that I would be there; why would I have a doubt when I had been on almost every podium for the […]


Sex And The Female Athlete

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Rachael, doing what she does best!

In light of a recent article posted on Freeskier.com featuring the “Ten Hottest Women In Freeskiing,” I’m compelled to address an issue that has been discussed time and time again.  Last year around this time, the Bleacher Report posted an article on the 25 Hottest Female Winter Sports athletes (in which I was included) which prompted me to write me to write my own article on the 25 Hottest Male Winter Sport Athletes.  As entertaining as it was to write this article and as enjoyable as it was to look up photos of attractive men on the internet for a few hours, […]


Ground Zero

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It was warm for this late in the fall, the calendar read November 2, but I was still glad I had my vest on as we hurriedly exited the cab on Fulton Street.  Immediately my parents and I were drowned in a sea of tourists, all of whom came here to see the same sights, but for countless distinctive reasons.  I had the urge to retreat to the cab, as eager as I was to get out of it in the first place.  Being in large crowds causes my entire body to tense up and I was battling a headache […]


When Your Dreams Begin To Haunt You…

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This was my first hit at my first world cup competition back from injury last year.  I was weak and scared, but I knew that I had to continue, to take ownership of where I was at, in order to keep moving forward toward my goals.

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.”  Bill Cosby Most kids, if lucky, are taught to dream big.  When we are young, we think anything is possible and as the years tick by and we see failed dreams all around us, we begin to doubt the truth in that. Society begins to beat us down. I have wanted to be an Olympian since I was 12 years old.  Initially I thought it would be in mogul skiing, but when I found a halfpipe in 2002, I found my calling.  At the time there were no […]