From the Cutting Room Floor – TAR 30.2

The Amazing Race Season 30 Episode 2: “You’re The Best French Fry Ever” – #TeamExtreme Recap Another leg down, another country we’ve never been to, and Kristi and I landed on the podium during The Amazing Race once more! This…

Learning to Let Go

It’s the last day of 2017. Though we are free to make fresh starts at any point in the year, January 1st certainly nice ring to it. I recently moved into a new home that my husband and I have…

12/31/2017 Adventure, Live, Thrive

Social Media – The True Cost & Value

Before I get into this, I want to say something. YOU ARE LOVED. I know sometimes it may not feel that way, but it is true. Not only are you loved, but you have immense value to this world. And,…

11/15/2017 Live, Self-Help, Thrive

Conquering Mountains – SheLift Retreat Aspen

Self-acceptance and body confidence is something with which most women struggle. Popular media bombards us with images of “perfect bodies” and, more recently showcases the perfectly smooth and proportioned “full-figured” body. Yet, the polarity of this spectrum neglects most of…

Death and Decision Making

Death is an inevitable part of life but can work its way in at unpredictable times, knocking you down to your knees, taking your breath away. Yet everyday we see athletes pushing the limits and breaking records in outdoor and action sports….

02/15/2017 Adventure, Live

Finding Purpose In The Little Things

In 1955 a young girl named Susie Williams asked her friend Billie Jean King to play tennis. Billie responded, “what’s tennis?” 17 years later, Billie Jean King championed the effort to get Title IX approved so that women in an…

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