Welcome! I’m Jen Hudak, a personal development coach with more than 15 years experience forming an intimate relationship with fear during my extreme skiing career. I later pursued a BS in psychology so that I could turn my “life-experience” into technical know-how to help YOU live an inspired life.
I teach multi-passionate doers how look fear in the face and take action toward their goals despite of it. I was put on this earth to help others find the courage to create a life they’ve always imagined (or perhaps, have never dared to imagine), to reach their greatest potential, and live a balanced life.

Balanced Pursuits Coaching

I believe people can live their wildest dreams, have an adventure-filled life, and still balance work, family & friends. I believe we can have it all if we learn how to prioritize, set effective goals, and remember how to dream. Life is too short to live small, remain status quo, and fear failure. It’s time to find your inner super-hero, transcend self-limiting beliefs, and experience the life you always dreamed to have.
If you’re looking to live a more balanced life, but still want to strive for greatness and take on grand adventures, you’re in the right place.
First things first, a balanced life does not equate a boring life. A balanced life does not mean you coast around in a perpetual zen-like state experiencing mid-level excitement without highs and lows. It means you have an awareness that life ebbs and flows. That your greatest moments of triumph, may quickly be followed by disappointment; that out of your darkest days, the world can seem brighter than ever. Balanced Pursuits helps you maintain perspective when everything around you seems completely out of control in order to create the life you love.
I don’t believe in telling people how to live, but in asking the right questions. The kind of questions that get you thinking and lead you to tapping into your inner wisdom to find the answers you never knew you had. I’m a guide, not a dictator. Ready to find your balance? Fill out this form!

More About Me

Of many things, I am an eternal motivator. I believe greatly in human potential and the power of trying to do something that you’re not entirely sure you can achieve. I use the word “no” with caution and try to never use it just because I’m afraid of what saying “yes” might mean. I see fear as an invitation for growth. I’m almost always willing to take one more step, to peek around one more corner, before I really say “no.” More often than not, this strategy has led me to greatness, unforeseen opportunity and growth. Sometimes it has gotten me into trouble, at times it has caused pain and heartbreak, but it has made me stronger, more compassionate and more prepared for life than simply saying “no” could have ever done.

Since I was a young girl, I’ve always been fascinated with personal development– always striving to be more, to do more, and be better. I’ve kept a journal since I first learned to write, have always loved exploring my thoughts and emotions, and making those around me feel supported. I also loved being active, from playing traditional sports like soccer and lacrosse to outdoor sports like climbing and skiing. I’m fascinated with psychology and started reading sports psychology books in high school. From there, the world of personal development, self-improvement, and spirituality captivated me. I practiced what I was learning and applied various approaches of self-improvement and mindfulness to all my endeavors, which led to a fruitful 12-year career as a professional skier and a BS in Psychology from the University of Utah.


By age 23 I was on top of the world. Everything that I set out to achieve, I had. 5 x-Games medals (2 gold) to my name, 2 world championship titles, 4 national championship titles, sponsors knocking at the door, endless media opportunities, VIP parties, ESPY nominations, my very own house, a healthy, happy, loving and supportive family. It was all mine. And I thought I was just getting warmed up, that the best was yet to come, that more victories, more success, more winning, more dream-come-true moments were right around the corner. Until it all came crashing down…

Losing It All

Within a period of 3 years, I suffered numerous great losses.  On March, 19 2011, I took the most frightening crash of my life. A crash that erased my delusions of control in my sport. A few months later I suffered a devastating knee injury and the death of a friend from a halfpipe accident. I fought for a comeback to compete in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, only to suffer another knee injury. All the while, my father was ailing from his battle with Leukemia, and I was contemplating the end of my ski career. The death of my father and the death of my identity, simultaneously.  It seems like a whole other life ago that I was an over-confident twenty-something with everything to gain.  Yet, it was more through those failures, setbacks, losses, and heartbreaks than the victories I had and medals I earned, that I’ve grown the most. Despite the challenges that came from my sport, what surprised me most was how hard it was to walk away.


Every story has multiple chapters, and, that chapter came to its end. In November 2015, I took a lead of faith and retired from halfpipe skiing. I needed to explore what else life had in store. What once served as my sense of purpose, passion, and profit, was now a distant memory. (For more on the details of that career, click here.) I entered a period of confusion, depression, and disorientation. I didn’t recognize myself nor did I know my own value. I didn’t know how to meaningfully contribute to the world around me and I certainly didn’t know how to create happiness in my own life. I was lost.

The feelings we get amid our struggles and successes are vastly similar. The power of coming together to explore our vulnerabilities is astounding. So that’s why I’m here. To share with YOU, my journey, my struggles, my transition and invite you to explore what scares you most.