Stop Story-lining and Start Living

We are told from a very young age about these things called goals and dreams.  Some of us are taught not to chase dreams because they are unattainable, others are told to “dream BIG!” because anything is possible, and some…

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Stepping Back

Yesterday was the 9th time that I’ve turned south off of Interstate 70 onto CO-82 for the Winter X-Games in Aspen, CO and will mark my 8th Winter X-Games appearance.  (It would be my 9th appearance, but I was sidelined…

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25 Hottest Male Winter Sport Athletes

Yesterday I had the pleasant surprise of being featured on the Bleacher Report‘s list of 25 Hottest Female Winter Sport Athletes.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about these lists…  On one hand I’m offended that they exist, but…

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Why Do We Forget Lessons We’ve Learned?

On November 2, 2012 I woke up around 7:30, ate breakfast with my US Freeskiing teammates & coaches and headed to the gym. I rode a bike, stretched, did some light plyos and finally stretched some more.  It was a…

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If Danica Patrick Was A Man

If Danica Patrick Was A Man… Danica Patrick is a professional racecar driver. You’ve probably heard her name, or seen her scantily clad in commercials during the superbowl.  She spent many years competing in the IndyCar Series and recently…

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Celebrate Sarah Forever

For the last month I’ve been anticipating this trip to Whistler to Celebrate Sarah Burke.  I was not sure how it would feel to relive the emotions of such a great loss, to be reminded of this beautiful woman taken…

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