New Zealand (Round Two)

I was down in New Zealand earlier this summer as a coach for the US Junior Worlds Team.  The trip was amazing- I got to see things from a different perspective and it made me respect my coach a lot…

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Olympic Dreams

Many athletes dream of going to the Olympics, others dream of the day that their sport will be added to the Olympic roster.  I happen to fall in the latter. When I began competing in halfpipe in 2002 I was…

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I recently read a blog, “Zen Habits,” that was conveying the concept that we are perfect as we are.  This notion is always a strange one for me to digest because everything I do is with the intention of improving…

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I just got back from Aspen for the 6th annual “Meeting.”  The weekend was full of ski and snowboard movie premiers, sunshine, biking, and some discussion panels- my favorite part.  The topics this year were quite though provoking: Social Marketing,…

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The Dew Tour just wrapped up last weekend in Salt Lake City.  It was the 4th stop of the 5 stop tour and boy was it fun to watch.  It’s really strange showing up to an action sports event that…

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Hello world!

Life is a gift. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let yourself forget. And remind others that this is the case. We were all given an opportunity on this earth to see what we can do with it. How…

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